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"That workshop was life-changing..." 

"It was a change of consciousness..."   

"I am still glowing from today's workshop -

how powerful to be in a group of such incredible people!"

"I feel like I just went for a run and used muscles I haven't used for a while."

"When I took the workshop it felt like I was in a sandbox and was able to be playful and imaginative and I really loved it."

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Storytelling 101

Date TBD 11am-1pm with a 30-minute lunch break

Storytelling is an exciting craft, but one fraught with starts and stops. How do I write about the hard stuff in my life? How do I write with humor? How can I add details that bring out the best of my stories? This foundational workshop will help you feel more prepared and confident in embarking on the stories you might be working on, or have yet to set out to write!

Do something good for yourself, or sign up with a friend if you like.


Workshop fee - $25 

We accept payments through Venmo @gutsandglorygnv or PayPal, and payment completes your registration. You will be sent the Zoom link and more details the day before the workshop.

Please email with any questions. 







Public speaking workshop


Public speaking can be intimidating. It's adults' #1 fear!! We think that "public speaking" actually applies to a lot of things - anything that defines "how we present ourselves to the world." This could be giving a public talk, pitching work to clients, making small talk at a party, or raising your hand to be called on in class or a meeting. It can seriously be scary. We'll work through some of the tools and tricks to make you more comfortable "on stage," and also help you communicate your information in a more interesting way. This workshop draws on crafts such as live storytelling, TED talks, improv, stage performance, and more. The instructor, Taylor Williams, has done TV commercials and trained at Upright Citizens Brigade in New York, hosts TEDxUF, Sofar Sounds concerts, Guts & Glory GNV live storytelling shows, and private events.

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