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(THE BELOW ARE POSTPONED but we wanted you to see what we're usually up to 😉)


stories about the sexy, sketchy, and salacious

Friday, June 19th - 8 pm (doors at 7:30)

The Wooly - 20 North Main Street

This is our most popular show! These stories are exactly what they sound like - a little R rated storytelling about sexy stuff, iffy stuff, not-so-smart stuff, and the like. Don't bring your kids or your 85 year old grandma to this one.......unless your 85 year old grandma is down for some drama, and then we'd love to see her there.


stories about beloved and beleaguered body art

Thursday, August 14 - 7 pm (doors at 6:30)

The Wooly - 20 North Main Street

This is a show where we'll share stories about the behind-the-scenes of body art, both loved and loathed. We will have storytellers share their tales behind their tattoos, complete with photos and the like - projected behind them while they tell the tale.

Fieldwork Fails

Stories about when science doesn't go

quiiiiiiite right

Thursday, September 24 - 7 pm (doors at 6)

Florida Museum of Natural History

This show at FMNH is a HUGE hit! We've sold out every time (4 times and counting) - and we'd love to have you experience the magic! This show allows prominent scientists a moment to be HUMAN and share their foibles and adventures in the field.

*Please be sure you select the September date for this show*

Stories to celebrate GNV LGBTQ+ Pride

Thursday, October 22 - 7 pm (doors at 6:30)

The Wooly - 20 North Main Street

This show is to add to the celebration that is Gainesville Pride. We want to bring together members of the LGBTQI+ community and allies for a night of supportive, celebratory, and powerful storytelling. This is our second time hosting this very special show. 

This show will be at The Wooly, our beloved home for G&G GNV storytelling here in Gainesville. 

Guts & Glory GNV's passion is to hold the space for stories of all shapes, sizes, and persuasions.

*Please note that this is not a commissioned show by Gainesville Pride. This is an independent Guts & Glory GNV event.


Hilarious stories about human error

Thursday, November 19 - 7 pm (doors at 6:30)

The Wooly - 20 North Main Street

Inspired by our popular show at the museum, Fieldwork Fails, we're bringing failure to the spotlight! C'mon, we've all been there...whether it's a text you sent to your boss that you sent to your bae, a huge ooops at work, or saying the wrong thing at a party, BEEN THERE. Let's have fun with fails and share 'em, shall we?

HOLIDRAMA: Pants on Fire Edition!

stories about the tense, the tender, and the tinsel

Tuesday, December 8th - 7 pm (doors at 6:30)

The Wooly - 20 North Main Street

Our "Pants on Fire" show features 3 storytellers, one who is lying and the 4th who is a fibber. The audience has to question the storytellers about their stories and crack the code! This time, we're infusing these wild stories with holiday magic to see if we can stump the storytellers or if they'll stump us!

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