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Love for Guts & Glory GNV

Some sweet press about our first ever show in the Gainesville Sun

Check out our Gainesville Magazine profile

Warrington College of Business alumni magazine:"Want your business to be more productive? Try improv."

Our article in the Business of Greater Gainesville magazine:

"Yes, And...How Improv can make us better listeners and public speakers"

A little bit more Gville Sun Press! 

Feedback from our commissioned shows & corporate clients

"Your help and your suggestions were invaluable for my story. Your positivity I think was a big part of our success last night. You are also such a great set a great stage for us. This was very much outside my comfort zone, but I'm very happy I did it. I think I feel much more comfortable now to address the public about science and to just tell a story instead of spewing out scientific facts." - museum storyteller

"It elevated people in ways I could not have imagined." - HR manager

"You were fantastic. If you have not, you need to go back and listen to yourself. I'm not sure I have ever heard a person being interviewed on radio so smoothly. You were calm and relaxed that really came through but your were right there... no dead time but you didn't rush it which usually happens... You are great live and in person but you bring something to radio that is rare. This interview needs to be heard…” - listener of the “Unvarnished” podcast

"Taylor, thanks so much for seeing us the way we strive to be seen. You have had the opportunity to work with a number of our teammates here and I wanted to thank you for always making them feel seen and heard….what I would like for people to understand about my experience in working with you is that you have this ability to engage, listen, empower and mold people’s stories to not bring out your desired results but to truly shine light on the individual and the sentiment behind the story they are telling.  It is really cool to have been able to see some of the behind-the-scenes processes you take people through to fine-tune their story, making sure that the true essence of the message resonates with the audience. Thanks for giving me that opportunity…Great job and thanks for listening to me too." -HR manager

"I enjoyed the process we undertook, the comradery between us, and the comfortable environment we worrked in. You are amazing, Taylor! Your positive, bubbly personality with your quick wit and intelligence, make you perfect for into storytelling - and owning it!" - corporate cast storyteller

​"(The process) promotes cross-functional teamwork." -HR manager

"I felt so welcomed and appreciated! My whole ride home (from the show) I was on cloud nine. What an incredible experience." - corporate cast storyteller

"Taylor - you are such a great leader and the way you pull these stories out of us was amazing, scary, and fun! Thank you so much for your patience!" - corporate cast storyteller

Kudos from our beloved audience:

"The stories were hilarious and moving - I can't wait to hear more!"

"I'm gobsmacked that live storytelling is a thing that exists, and the space to do it means the world."

"I was captivated by the stories. Thank you for bringing these creative endeavors to life!"

"This is just the thing Gainesville needed."

"The selection of stories and storytellers were all so engaging."

"I felt like I was in downtown Austin, like 15 years ago."

" girls and I had such a great time."

"This show was so refreshing!"

"I had my mother-in-law come watch my kids to make it to this event."

"I've been needing a night out like this for a long time!"

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