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Real. Live. Stories.


Guts & Glory GNV's mission is to bring live, original, true, first-person, polished storytelling to Gainesville.


We believe that storytelling builds community, gives Gainesvillians a chance to put a voice to their stories, and connects artists with a greater audience in our beloved town.

Since most of our stories - from the ones we tell at dinner parties to the ones that we hold more close to the chest - are about guts and/or glory (or the lack thereof!), we named our gig accordingly. That's what you'll see on stage: the good, the bad, and the ugly. And all true.

Our regularly scheduled shows happen at The Wooly and Cypress & Grove Brewery, but we do things all over town.


Guts & Glory GNV takes inspiration from such storytelling organizations as The Moth, This American Life, and Story District DC.


"I couldn't sleep after the show. I just felt excited about life."


"We love the message y'all portray and how accepting and loving the environment is."


"The energy was incredible."

"That was the cheapest form of therapy."


"I moved here from NYC and have been looking for something like this."


"I really had no clue what we were in for. So fun, so powerful...such a cool space where people were just vulnerably HUMAN for 2 hours. Absolutely loved it."

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